NHRRA News: Oct. 20, 2005

As each of you are well aware, the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce has made the idea of getting commuter rail to our city one of our top three strategic goals during 2005 and 2006. We have been working very closely with our economic development partners in Nashua, the SNHPC, and our Mayor's Office to see that this goal becomes a reality.

Today, I am happy to say that we are taking a very important step toward making this goal become a reality in the future. The Chamber will be joining with several other partners to actually bring a commuter train into the City of Manchester this Monday!

Guilford Transportation has agreed to bring a passenger train from Lowell, MA, up through Nashua into Manchester this Monday in order to show that it is indeed feasible. Bringing the train into our city will bring much needed public attention to the issue of commuter rail, and will serve as a wake-up call to our region's political leaders that there are strong forces coming together to make commuter rail a reality.

Each of you are invited to join us this Monday morning, at 11:45am, to welcome the train as it rolls into downtown Manchester. All of the media, and a large number of our political leaders will be present to witness this, and you will surely not want to miss it! Please join us on Monday, October 24, at 11:45am, behind WMUR Studios at the intersection of Depot and Bedford Streets. Parking should be available in the parking lot of BeeBee Shoes. The event should last no more than a half hour, so you can get back to your offices and other business.

Chris Williams

Vice President
Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

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